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ABouT stella's


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our community with quick and easy gourmet meals that are fresh and healthy by using the best ingredients possible, while providing stable, long term employment for our team!

Fresh and Local Ingredients

Here at Stella's, we source most of our ingredients from local suppliers to create our unique and delicious meals. All meals are made fresh in our state of the art commercial kitchen in downtown Livingston, Montana. 

Why Stella's?

In today’s world, our environment is so fast-paced and busy that it becomes difficult to come home after a long day's work and cook a healthy dinner to serve to yourself or your family. Stella’s is here to help with that! Our meals are fully cooked and packaged in a way that makes preparing and serving a meal easy and enjoyable for you and your family. Check out our menu to see the variety of items and meals offered!

Lutte Raisonnée 

This is a French winemaking term that means the “reasoned struggle.”  Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have brought this term into our lexicon taking it to mean “choose your battles.” We know that we cannot do it all. Between jobs, kids, soccer practice, ballet, girl scouts, jiu jitsu and everything else; cooking home cooked, organic, and nutritious meals from scratch is one of the things that gets dropped by the wayside and with good reason. It is incredibly time consuming. For almost 20 years, we have been providing our community with these types of meals in our restaurants. With Stella’s, we can offer all these items for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home, with minimal preparation and clean up, and with maximum deliciousness. Choose your battles, let us do the cooking!! 

Money Back Guarantee

We are incredibly proud of everything that we make at all our operations and Stella’s is no exception. If you are not satisfied with any of our items for any reason, please let us know why and let us give you your money back. It is so important to us that you are beyond thrilled with everything we offer.


We are intentionally “under salting” everything we do in this kitchen. Many people are salt sensitive and it is so easy to bring up the level of salt at home. That being said, we highly recommend grabbing a container of our Green Salt, as it will elevate all of our meals, as well as your own home cooking!

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