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Lutte Raisonnée

Pasta with Meatballs
Stella’s provides delicious, home cooked meals made from scratch that are ready for pick-up each week! We prepare and package all our menu items in our commercial kitchen, paying close attention to cleanliness and foodservice safety protocols. Trust us to do the cooking for you!

Our mission here at Stella's is to provide our community with quick and easy meals that are fresh and healthy by using the best ingredients possible. 


Preparing and cooking dinner for yourself and your family is such an important thing to do, especially with the bustling world that we live in today. Many families have lost the tradition of sitting down at the dinner table and discussing their days with each other. This helps us to cherish the little moments in our lives together just by simply listening and talking to one another without any distractions. Sometimes, life needs to slow down for us so we can recognize what and who we have. Here at Stella’s, we hope to help many families come together to enjoy this experience like our family does every night. 


You preorder. We'll prepare. You pick up and enjoy!

Here at Stella’s we know making delicious, wholesome food takes time. And time is in short supply. So whether you’re a busy parent in need of quick, hearty options for the kids, booking a summer getaway house in the Livingston area, or planning a menu for a camping or river trip with friends, we've got you covered. From appetizers, soups and pasta sauces to duck confit, Iberico pork loin and osso bucco, our fully cooked options are packaged in cryo-vac bags, freeze well, thaw quickly, and reheat in just minutes. So do your thing. We’ll do the cooking.

How To Order:

  • Select desired menu items from our delicious prepared options.

  • Choose your pick up day and time, then place your order.

  • Stella’s will be notified and begin preparing your order.


How To Pick Up:

  • Pickup is available Tuesday through Saturday at Stella’s (215 W. Park St) from 10am-4pm

  • Pickup is also available after hours Tuesday through Saturday at Gil’s Goods (207 W. Park St) from 4pm-8pm.

      If you're interested in after hours pick up, please email us at to make arrangements.

  • Pick up is unavailable on Sunday & Monday

  • Gil’s Goods does stock a changing selection of Stella’s meals available for purchase if you’re on the go! 

And try the newest exciting fare from Stella's Lunch Counter when you pick up your order! 
These offerings aren't available on the preorder menu and change weekly, so stop in and taste what's cooking!

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215 West Park Street
Livingston, MT 59047

Preorder Pick Ups

Tuesday - Saturday

10am - 3pm

All online orders are available for pickup the

next day unless specified otherwise in your order!

Lunch Counter Service 

Tuesday - Friday

11am - 3pm